At The River

At The River

These songs journey back to my physical and expressive roots—the rivers, the valleys, and the mountains. Each melody was recalled from memory, and if my version of the tune is different from yours, that is wonderful. This only proves the power and elasticity of the original stock.

Spirituals get passed up and down aurally, each time assuming the personality of its newfound singer. Unfortunately, the majority of the current generation only knows these songs as standing ovation encores significantly spoiled by glitz, glamour, noise, and the celebrity status of Gospel music.

Listen carefully for the wealth of emotions and intimate feelings of these both black and white American spirituals. They truly are America’s folk songs.

Arrangements—Edwin T. Childs
Flute—Jennifer Dolan Reddick
Viola—Gail Salvatori
Harp—Barbara Ann Fackler

Total time: 74 minutes

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Title Sample Duration
1. Go Tell It On the Mountain play 3:27
2. Give Me That Old Time Religion play 4:19
3. I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger play 5:28
4. Swing Low play 5:02
5. Steal Away play 2:40
6. Shall We Gather At the River play 3:14
7. Lord, I Want To Be A Christian play 3:48
8. Go Down, Moses play 4:11
9. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child play 5:59
10. There Is a Balm in Gilead play 4:41
11. My Lord What a Morning play 5:23
12. Give Me Jesus play 4:49
13. Every Time I Feel the Spirit play 3:27
14. Deep River play 5:45
15. He's Got the Whole World In His Hands play 3:22
16. Let Us Break Bread Together play 5:16
17. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley play 4:09